Travel Advice for Wanderlusts

My name is Matt Milloway and I started Wanderlust Dispatch after (approximately) 76 different friends and colleagues said something along the lines of; “wow, what great travel advice… you should start a blog!” As a nomadic soul who splits time between freelance writing and web design to fuel—you guessed it—more travel, I was hard-pressed to find a counter argument. It made perfect sense. As is often the case, however, sensible advice wasn’t heeded until a final straw broke the proverbial camel’s back.

The final straw? A few frustrating hours spent online trying to find travel pants. Travel advice is easy to find, sure enough, yet the internet is littered with articles written primarily for search engines or revenue generation. I realized a void still exists for fellow wanderlusts.

Why Is Wanderlust Dispatch Different?

In a few words; personal, sensible, and detail-oriented. A depository of online travel advice and reviews written by someone who personally wore that pair of travel pants.

My goal is not to compete with the handful of quality travel advice sites currently in existence, but to offer an alternative. Many existing blogs devote a lot of time to proving travel on a budget or long breaks from the 9-to-5 is feasible. I want to generally assume readers are fully on board with travel and simply seeking advice or alternate takes on exploring the world.

Please read my Disclosure Agreement for more information on how I’m monetizing the website. The abridged version: a meager assortment of Amazon affiliate links for products I’ve personally paid for and used. Accepting tips and the occasional ad sourced from personal contacts (i.e. no Google Ads) are the only other short-term plans, with a long-term goal of selling an e-book or subscription package. 

My Qualifications

My travels to date span four continents and somewhere between 40 and 50 countries. I’ve traveled for clients on all expense-paid trips and other times lived for months in $10-a-night hostels with an unhealthy reliance on peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches. Moonlighting as a freelance travel writer, my stories have appeared in larger publications like The Miami Herald and a smattering of travel magazines, blogs, and e-zines. I’ve also written travel advice content for USA Today and newer start-ups like Raveable and Hopper.

More importantly, I’m a meticulous researcher. If there’s a better way to book a flight, pack for two climates, or make money on the road, I’d like to know the answer—not only for myself, but for my readers. I’m very flexible and spontaneous once I reach a destination, but believe efficient packing, budgeting, and other logistics not only alleviates stress and inefficiency, but enable people to enjoy their surroundings and experience those transcendent moments with new people and places.

A Final Word on Travel Advice

Travelers come in all shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of income to spend and different goals for their time away from home; time ranging from a long weekend between work weeks to significant lifestyle changes and years abroad. Everyone won’t relate to my self-described minimal and flexible travel style with an emphasis on cutting costs and understanding cultures over the “36 hours in City XYZ” strategy. I do hope, however, the thought and research put into each article—as well as the wide range of topics—resonates with every visitor of the site. Please feel free to contact me with questions or feedback and above all else, treat your inner wanderlust!

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Overlooking Cartagena, Colombia.

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