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Welcome to Wanderlust Dispatch’s depository of the best travel gear known to man. No, literally. Every item listed has been purchased and used on missions of travel and intrigue. Browse by category, read the brief descriptions, and click through for more details and pricing on


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Best Travel Gear: Electronics



HP Stream 13 Laptop

A great budget buy of around $200 for those wanting a light laptop with enough computer power to check email, Skype, watch videos, and work on Windows productivity software like Word and Excel.


Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop

My choice for a middle-budget laptop that seconds as a tablet. At around $500, this Dell Inspiron packs enough computing power to handle nearly any task outside of high end gaming. Lightweight, long battery life, and versatile.


Apple MacBook Air

The gold standard in portable computing. Probably overkill for anyone not relying on a computer for remote work, the MacBook Air is nevertheless a joy to use and features the best trackpad and keyboard combination around, as well as 10+ hours of battery life and computing power to do virtually anything.




Canon Powershot S120

The Canon Powershot S120 is my favorite point and shoot camera for travel. Its combination of image quality, manual settings, and durability are hard to beat in a camera easily fitting inside a front pocket.


Sony DSC-RX100

A little larger and more expensive than the PowerShot S120, the Sony DSC-RX100 can't quite comfortably fit in a pocket, but is still extremely portable and offers unparalleled image quality outside of the much larger SLR cameras.




Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones

The cream of the crop in terms of sub-$100 earbuds. Plain and simple; Bose rarely disappoints.


Panasonic In-Ear Headphones

A much cheaper alternative available in multiple colors, these Panasonic earbuds still sound great and can get knocked around without worrying about picking up a new pair down the road. They also do amazingly well at staying in ears during a run.


Wireless Bluetooth Mini Speaker

This tiny wireless bluetooth speaker packs a punch and works well in small to mid-sized rooms. Listening to tunes before bed or during a workout without headphones is a nice luxury, as is jamming out with fellow travelers over some brews.




Blu Quad Band Unlocked International Cell Phone

One of the better rated unlocked international cell phones when carrying around an expensive iPhone doesn't make sense. The dual sim card also enables travelers to use one generic card for all countries and install a country-specific card as needed for even lower rates.


OneSimCard International SIM Card

A solid option for cheaper voice and texting rates when traveling abroad. A card like this is meant to work in nearly every country and isn't as cheap as getting a country-specific card, but is much cheaper than opting for the international rates provided by Verizon, AT&T, and so forth.




Travel Plug Adaptor w/ 2 USB Ports

Works in every country and comes with two USB ports to leave all the extra plug attachments at home. 


Dual USB High Capacity Wall Charger

Not as convenient as the all-in-one plug adaptor listed above, but still a viable option when quickly charging devices is a must. The charger is also great for those traveling stateside who don't need the plug adaptor element.


Anker Portable Charger for Smartphones & Tablets

Charge your gadgets on the go with a portable charger. Great for longer trips via bus and trains where outlets aren't available.

Best Travel Gear: Health & Fitness



Push Up Bars from Gorilla Fitness

My favorite option for getting a kick-ass workout with minimal gear on the road. Check out my blog post on the bars and watch a free video from iFit for a scalable 20-minute workout.


Resistance Bands

Another worthy option for working out while traveling, resistance bands weigh next to nothing and offer an unlimited number of workout options using something other than body weight.




Amazing Grass Green Superfood

Surprisingly tasty and available in single serving packets mixable with water or something like almond milk, the organic and all natural concoction of powdered veggies is like taking an inexpensive shot of wheat grass.


Garden of Life RAW Meal

Enjoy 34 grams of protein and a full (organic) meal replacement made of fruits and veggies with this powdered supplement. I typically pour a container into a ziplock bag and stuff it into a shoe for healthy and inexpensive meals on the go.


General Health & Productivity


Traveler Fold-Up Standing Desk

Don't get caught sitting down all day. This stand-up desk isn't great for the most minimal of travelers, but still easily fits into a carry-on roller bag and makes great sense for those staying in one place for an extended period of time.

New Balance Insoles

Dr. Scholls has nothing on these admittedly pricey insoles from New Balance. For travelers planning to hoof it around town and especially those going on runs, don't get laid up in a hotel room with sore feet. Pick up the best pair of insoles I've ever used and thank me later.

Best Travel Gear: Luggage & Packing



Burton Wheelie Flyer Luggage

Hands down the best carry-on roller luggage I've ever used. The Burton Wheelie even fits under most airline seats for instances when space in the overhead bin—or extra charges—might be an issue.

Osprey Mutant 28-Liter Backpack

After the Marmot TransHauler, which is quite possibly the world's greatest backpack under 30 liters, my next choice for sub 30-liter packs is the Osprey Mutant. Its build quality and perfect size at 28-liters gives light travelers the ability to stow away a laptop and week's worth of clothes—all of which can fit under a plane seat and avoid airline fees.

CamelBak Rain Cover

Keeps medium-sized daypacks dry and easily fits into an external side pocket when not in use. Perfect fit for my 28-liter Marmot TransHauler.


Inside the Luggage


Eagle Creek Clean/Dirty Packing Cube

Separate your clean and dirty undergarments with this perfect packing cube for about 5-7 days worth of socks and underwear.


Travel Shoe Bag (Set of 3)

Recommended for both a second pair of shoes and keeping other items organized. I typically throw all of my workout gear in another bag and bring the third as a spare.

Best Travel Gear: Sleeping & Hygiene



Mack’s Ear Care Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs

The best choice for relegating snorers and airplane announcements.


Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask

Great for flights and those pesky hotel rooms without darker drapes.



Lewis N. Clark 20-Pack Laundry Soap Kit

Do laundry in your hotel room to pack lighter and avoid paying exorbitant costs for cleaning services in hotels.


Personal Ultra-Soft Towel

Paying for a towel rental at hostels is no fun. One up those nickel and diming establishments with a small, fast drying towel that's meant to absorb a full body's worth of water.

Best Travel Gear: Accessories



Atsko Silicone Water-Guard

Need to make your luggage, clothing, or shoes water proof? This magical spray makes water bead up on practically any surface, keeping your prized possessions and body as dry as possible on a rainy day.


Timex Expedition Dual Time Zone Digital Watch

Simple and practical for travel when that nicer watch would attract too much attention. With easy switching between two time zones, an alarm, and built in compass, the  Timex Expedition is my choice for a cheap watch on the go.


Fisher Space Bullet Pen

A tiny pen to stand the test of time. I'm a writer, but anyone who jots down notes or pens love letters on the spot to mysterious strangers needs a pen made out of space shuttle material. 


Micro Tri-Pod For Point and Shoot Cameras

Those with larger traditional cameras can move on, but for those with point and shoot cameras, this little tripod saves the day in low light situations or other instances where a steady hand just isn't enough.



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