Disclosure Agreement

Since the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires I disclose any relationship I have between a product manufacturer or service provider when I write about a product or service, I’m sharing the following bullet points with my readers. Let this serve as an official Disclosure Policy.

  • I make money on some products and services that I discuss on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question and get a small commission on sales of those products. The vast majority of this comes from amazon.com links sprinkled judiciously throughout my blog posts. I personally shop on amazon.com for nearly everything from toothpaste to laptops—as do many people I know—and sharing these links enables my readers to pickup the same or similar items as conveniently as possible. The amount of money I make on these affiliate links will most likely buy me a sandwich every month unless someone decides to buy 100 MacBooks on a whim.
  • I have not been paid to review any products or services on Wanderlust Dispatch. Part of the appeal of my blog (I hope) is the fact I review items I personally use and any bias is associated with my own happiness with the product—not the fact someone paid me to write an article. I don’t foresee my stance on this matter changing in the near or distant future.
  • I do not even get the products and services I review or discuss for free. Womp womp. At this juncture I’m only sharing tips and advice with readers—any products or services mentioned were purchased from my own funds due to a need and for the purposes of traveling. If and when my fledgling blog becomes big enough to attract people giving me gear without flagging people down in the street or pitching a tent outside REI, I might consider certain offers but will not promise a positive review. I will also disclose the freebie to my readers and still stay far away, per my last bullet point, from getting paid for a review.
  • I will very occasionally contact the website of a product or service after I write and publish the post. My reasoning is more for the potential for added publicity and visitors to my site if the website in question links to my article. I will only do this in instances where I review something from a smaller start-up business that might like knowing a traveler took the time to write about their product.
  • For the purposes of full disclosure, any income generated from this site outside of the meager affiliate revenue will be in the form of generous tips, occasional ads from a relevant 3rd-party (i.e. a small sidebar ad or newsletter sponsor), or utilizing my reader base for something like an e-book or subscription service in the future. All ads will derive from personal relationships established via outreach and/or the website’s contact form. I will not use Google Ads or other forms of generic, intrusive advertisements. There are no hidden agendas or sneaky forms of revenue generation occurring here.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more details on similar, probably not-so-exciting topics.