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Options for finding cheap flights online are endless. Basic aggregators like Kayak and Google Flights are always a good place to start; both options also have features to utilize a map view and pick out the cheapest destinations from a designated departure city. Newer options like Hopper attempt to predict future prices and well traveled types often use the ITA Flight Software for travel hacks—including cheap stopovers and using multiple airlines.

Notice a trend? Nearly every popular flight search tool relies on picking a departure city and perhaps being flexible with dates. While this practice makes great sense and works for plenty of people, what about those seeking flexible travel deals without necessarily choosing a departure city? Full-time travelers with a remote lifestyle—myself included—are more than willing to save $300 on a flight if it means swinging through NYC on the way and visiting friends for a week in the process.

A prime example: I’m (theoretically) trying to find the cheapest possible flight to Southeast Asia with time on my side and excuses to pop up in a number of domestic cities pre-trip if the money is right. Using a flight search tool for something this flexible—both in terms of departure city and dates—boils down to endless searches or flight alerts in nearly every possible departure city. No thanks.

I need a website that posts great deals to and from all locales imaginable; a site with an active Twitter feed, daily email updates, and a simple website with all the intel I need on each deal like date ranges, routing codes, available stopovers, and so forth. Luckily, a website exists meeting all of my criteria.

Use The Flight Deal for Cheap Flight Alerts

The Flight Deal is a great tool for anyone needing a bit of travel inspiration from a can’t-miss airfare deal. Want to travel abroad but torn between two continents? Let the cheapest travel deal answer the question by keeping tabs on the site’s flexible travel deals—updated daily and available via social media or email.

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The website also works in my proposed instance where plans to explore Southeast Asia are flexible and I’m happy to wait for the right combination. I want to emphasize again this website isn’t really for people with set travel plans. Plenty of trips are bound by some degree of a date range and/or departure city where using a combination of traditional flight search sites makes the most sense. Also consider using a VPN to manipulate ticket prices when the departure and arrival cities are known in advance.

Flexible Travel Deals: Need-to-Know Intel

The added benefit of using The Flight Deal for flexible travel deals is the fact each deal includes a screenshot of the original search and a host of useful intel for ticket purchasers. Find out basics like the fare class, routing codes, and travel dates, while advanced options such as stopovers are also available. The site even helpfully provides tips on what frequent flyer program to book the flight under for maximum returns.

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A traveler really can’t ask for much else in terms of a (free) website doing all of the grunt work to aggregate the best flight deals in the land from every possible airline. While the site is bound to miss some deals and a person really needs to be behind the flexible travel deals concept to best utilize the offers, the 5-10 options per day and active social media feed virtually ensures each major departure city in the country receives attention in a given week.

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For people living close to cities like NYC, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, and so on—or with a good reason to visit en route to a bigger trip—subscribing to The Flight Deal’s daily newsletters and following their Twitter handle is a no-brainer. Many of the deals naturally expire in 24-48 hours, so spend the single minute scanning deals daily as part of a better workflow to enjoy cheap and flexible travel deals.

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